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STRONG SAD (watercolor by Jonah Sirota)

UPDATE: STRONG SAD to be released on National Sawdust Tracks in June of 2018. Kickstarter is LIVE!:

STRONG SAD on Kickstarter

STRONG SAD is a classical new music commissioning and recording project featuring newly composed elegies for violist Jonah Sirota.  The elegy as a musical form has often found a home in the plaintive middle-register voice of the viola—it tugs, and makes us aware of our inner landscape. On STRONG SAD, rather than the big catastrophes, the music will mourn the small, everyday losses. While some of these works may refer to lost friends and loved ones, this project will reaffirm that mourning is too important to save only for funerals, and that sadness, when given a chance to breathe, can be our best path to deep and lasting contentment and joy. The project features new works by Paola Prestini, Nico Muhly, Valgeir Sigur∂sson, Robert Sirota, A.J. McCaffrey, and Rodney Lister, as well as a new work from the duo Mondegreen, and a debut composition (featured below) by Jonah Sirota.